Photos courtesy of:
Sgt Stephen Tyler (Ty) Hart
C-123K Aircraft Mechanic
R & R Shop

315th Consolidated Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)

315th Special Operations Wing

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

A picture inside the R & R shop. Left to
right: Poyer, Littlejohn, and myself.  (Sept. 1969)

A shot of me while I was flying with
C-123 aircrew members.  (1969)

A shot of the strip I took just
before we landed at PRAB. (1969)

Phan Rang beach recreation area.
A bunch of us guys on our day
off enjoying the rays.  (Sept. 1969)

A split scan showing a few shots of Phan Rang beach.
Note: The ship you can see in the background of
both views is the 'Col. John D Page'.  (1969)

A few pics of me and a few of
my friends from PRAB. (1969)

Mike Vogel shot the above shot, of the
Airman's club, from the big hill.
Image below was shot by myself,
capturing the Airmans club's
stage and patio area.  (1969)

Another split scan showing the Airmans club's outdoor stage
area [left] and a popular waitress at the club [right]. (1969)

F-100 bombing run on Buddha's mountain between
the base and the beach recreation area.  (1969)

Below are a few scans of our beautiful Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
It's located in the same area as the Beirut Memorial, World Trade
Center I Beam, and the Veterans Cemetery here in Jacksonville, NC,
at the entrance to Camp Johnson.

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