Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation

Unit Citation for The 35th Tactical Fighter Wing (USAF)
includes all personnel of supporting, attached, and subordinate
units of the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing during the period of
September, 1968 to October 9, 1970

The award was made on October 9, 1970 and reads as follows:

The 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, United States Air Force,
operating in the Republic of Vietnam from September 1968
to the present, has performed in a fantastic manner because
of its dedicated support personnel - and heroic pilots, who,
under extremely difficult mission situations, and with personal
disregard for the dangers involved, have conducted air strike
missions against communist strongholds and provided air support
to operations organized by both the armies of the Republic of
Vietnam and the United States of America in Military Regions Two,
Three and Four. Heavy losses to the enemy were inflicted by over
fifty-three thousand air strike and air support missions flown
by the F-100 and Canberra units of the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing.
These extremely hazardous missions account for over two thousand,
five hundred enemy killed in action, thousands of enemy installations,
artillery towers, boats, crew-served-weapons locations destroyed and
many miles of communication trenches completely disrupted. Moreover,
in another area of achievement, the dispensary established by the
35th Tactical Fighter Wings has assisted the medical civic action
programs at Thap Chan, Hai Chu, Dong Yang, and Ann Xuan villages
as well as the Phan Rang village orphanages, so that thousands
of people have been provided life-giving medical treatment.

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