Photos and comments courtesy of:
A1C Steve Curry
35th Aerospace Medicine / Military Public Health
Phan Rang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam
December 1969 - December 1970

I was with the '35th Aerospace Medicine / Military Public Health'
division at PRAB. We were responsible for testing the drinking
water to make sure it was safe. We conducted physicals on all
local nationals who worked on base. All the locals in the chow
hall, house maids, workers in the club, BX, etc, had to go
through my office to get a physical. Infectious disease control
was a large part of the daily job with both VD and other
contagious diseases present. We also evaluated worker exposure
to toxic chemicals, noise and radiation. We also had to inspect
all cargo that was going to the States for insect and rodent pest.

Me with a Chinese AK-47 given to me by an Army friend.  (1970)

Myself, John Lamb, and my supervisor TSgt Johnny Anderson,
posing with our service truck and M-16s, in back of my office.
Building in right/background is the Red Cross center.  (1970)

Just one of PRAB's F-100s. This aircaft was with
the 352nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS), under
the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW).  (1970)

Canberra bomber with the Australian 2 Squadron.  (1970)

Flight Surgeon Capt Tony Francis walking to
one of our AC-119K (Stinger) Gunships. (1970)

SSgt Frank Naples, and SSgt Wendell Wingo,
down town at Phan Rang City.               (1970)

Photos of the day its operational (top scans) and the next day
there is nothing standing but a brick out house (bottom scan).      (1970)

My current Bio

I spent 20 years in the Air Force doing the same job.
After Phan Rang I was stationed in California, back
to Vietnam (Saigon), South Carolina, Japan, Florida,
Panama, and back to Florida, where I retired in 1989.
When I got out of the AF I went to work on Eglin AFB
for the O&M contractor.  I was the Radiation Safety
Officer for one of the test ranges approved to use
depleted uranium.  In 2000 I accepted a civil service
job as the Eglin Base Radiation Safety Officer, this
was in the same office I had retired from some 11
years earlier.  I plan to work about 5 more years then
retire and do nothing but fish and play with grandkids.

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