Photos and comments courtesy of:

Sgt Roger Wahl
HQ Personnel
35th Combat Support Group

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

Base as taken from the large hill "Nui Dat" probably early 1967.

Base as taken from the large hill probably mid 1967.

Base as taken from the large hill probably mid 1967.

Wider angle of the base in early 1967.
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Our living quarters when I arrived in December 1966.

Beginning of the new barracks construction with my
earlier hootches seen in background  (1967)

Now we're starting to look like decent living quarters.  (1967)

Thanks to RED HORSE for working on the new barracks.  (1967)

Me getting the barracks haircut from the barracks barber
(Ralph Jacob, Jake, if I remember correctly).  (1967)

Sgt Vasser(don't remember first name) getting his haircut.  (1967)

Jake at work ( Real Job).  (1967)

Party time - Christmas  (1966)

Me working on a letter home  (1967)

All those punch cards.  (1967)

Sgt. McKinley looking like he was working.  (1967)

Our office help - Miss Lin (far right) was our keypunch operator).  (1967)

Latrines under construction - Note Hose on the
ground. That led to our shower.  (1967)

Temporary shower - Hot showers only in the afternoon and
then you had to be one of the first five to get there.
Needless to say - Many cold showers in the AM...  (1967)

One of the bunkers around the barracks.  (1967)

Picnic area behind the CBPO(Consolidated Base Personnel Office).  (1967)

Don Harvey on a fact finding trip - Note all the
cameras - He didn't want to miss a thing.  (1967)

Time to make music - Our version of a recording studio.  (1967)

Early, remodeled, "Batson" Mess Hall.  (1967)

Individual KP due to power outage in the Mess Hall.  (1967)

One of the shows at the outdoor theater - Note:
no 'Happy Valley Drive In' sign.  (1967)

Base Chapel under construction.  (1967)

Chaplains transportation.  (1967)

Security Checkpoint coming from town on to the base.  (1967)

Control Tower.  (1967)

Panoramic view of the base as I left it in February 1968.
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My Bio

I arrived in Phan Rang after spending 2 years in Washington D.C.
Arriving at night after a flight from Saigon, it was quite a shock
to find my bed in a hootch and no latrines with running water.
Many thanks to the staff that made me feel comfortable for the next
14 months. As others have said, names have mostly slipped through
the mind, but memories have not. After finding the wonderful work
that Mike has done on this site, more memories are returning. Phan
Rang AB did not take an enemy attack during my time, for which I
feel fortunate. After leaving Phan Rang, I was discharged from the
USAF and spent the next 40 some odd years in the computer industry.
I worked for 3 manufacturers that went out of business. I spent the last
11 years of my career at an all women's college in St. Paul and retired
in 2006. In 2009 my wife and I sold the house and purchased a motor-home.
We now travel in the spring and fall, spend the winters in a warmer
climate and summers in Minnesota where our children and grand children
reside. I wold like to hear from anybody who was in Phan Rang, preferably
during 1967, or anybody who spent time there and would like to renew
memories. Who knows, we may drop in for a visit during our travels..

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