The photos below were provided by:
Rich Keniston - 315 CAMS, prop shop

Rich at the CAMS prop shop. (68-69)

CAMS Tiger Logo on a tower by
the maintenance shops. (68-69)

A C-123 in the inspection docks
for a phase inspection. (68-69)

A C-123 taxing out of the revetments, for another
busy day of sorties around the country, as
maintenance personnel look on. (68-69)

C-123 revetment area. Note: the small
bunker that would be a life saver for
mechanics and aircrew members. (68-69)

Back on the main side of the runway;
some of the quonset hut barracks where
most of the CAMS personnel bunked. (68-69)

Latrine and bunker; between two of the quonset
huts, in the barracks area. (68-69)

Thanks Rich; for a few of the
better memories of PRAB.

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