Phan Rang AFB 70-71

Scan and comment below provided by:

A1C Ray Ingersoll

Aircraft Radio Repairman (F-100)
35th Avionics Maintenance Squadron

Part 3 of 3
Outside the wire from PRAB.

NOTE: We're not really sure of some of the photo locations,
shown below, that were taken from outside the base. Any help
in recognizing any of the areas/towns would be appreciated.

The added comments we get will be in this color.

Shot of a Huey flying near base perimeter. A guard tower can be seen
just above the tail. The picture was taken with a 200mm telephoto
lens from the hill above the rock crusher at the north end of the base.

Shot of South Korean Outpost, which I think was northwest of
the base. Photo taken from the same hill as the above picture.
The "Outpost" was east of  PRAB.  The "Anthill", as we
Aussies called it, was on the road to the beach which was east
of the base. I took a photo of the South Korean Outpast myself
out of the back of an open truck on the way to the beach.  It
shows it on the right hand side of the road.--Jim Drever.

The Po Klong Garai temple, also taken from the same hill as
the above pictures. This same temple can be seen on my first
page, in the background of the picture of the Aussie hangar.

Some military traffic on the road heading back to PRAB from
Cam Rahn. This and the remainder of the pictures were taken
in the spring of 1971 on a return trip from Cam Ranh in the back
of a stake bed truck carrying laundry with an M16 and one clip.
Looks like the convoy may have just left CRB and
were on the road going south to PRAB.--Don Taylor

Rice paddies next to the road.

This appeared to be some type of temple or monument.

Rubber trees on either side of the road with mountains in the background.
This was the area just before getting to Cam Ranh Bay.
Army and Air Force convoys exercised extreme caution when going through the
area because of any possible sniper activity from the high thick tree canopies.
The Trees were both coconut (mostly) and rubber.--Don Taylor

Some homes along the road.

I'm not sure what village this was. It may have been Phan Rang
although I don't remember how close to the base it was.

Same village as above.

This is one of the gates at PRAB. I'm not sure anymore which one it was.
I don't reconize the gate but it may have been the
one leading into the salvage dump.--Don Taylor

Very sad news to report that we've lost a good friend
'Ray Ingersoll' to complications from Agent Orange (1/19/19).
He will be deeply missed.
More tribute information on Ray and a few other PRAB vets listed
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