Phan Rang AFB 70-71

Scan and comment below provided by:

A1C Ray Ingersoll

Aircraft Radio Repairman (F-100)
35th Avionics Maintenance Squadron

Part 2 of 3

This photo was taken of me by Bruce Jackson, near the top of
Nui Dat. It was a windy day in the early evening. (January 1971)

This photo I took at dusk from the top of Nui Dat.

This is a plaque I received after returning to the States. It
features the emblem of the 35th AMS. The emblem was also
displayed above the front door of our shop building, housing
the Radio, Radar, Auto Pilot, ECM, and Instrument shops.

This is me working on an ARC-27 UHF radio that
was used by remote ground radio stations.

This is a shot taken from Nui Dat, showing the alert pad in the
top center of the picture. Eight armed and fully loaded F-100s
were kept there on alert. In the middle section are the sleeping
quarters for the pilots and crew chiefs. If they were needed
they could be airborne and on their way in a few minutes .

A shot of an F-100F (two seater) in a revetment.

This is a shot of Sgt. Henry in the cockpit of an F-100F doing a
radio check. Under the hood is all the avionics equipment.

A shot of an F-100D (single seater) taxiing.

A shot taken of Nui Dat from the flight line near the last revetment.

Here I am, ready for action. I think everyone
that was over there had to try on the gear.

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