Photos and comments courtesy of:

Ken Houck

Jet/Reciprocal Engine Shops

315th Consolidated Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)

315th Special Operations Wing

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

A few weeks after my arrival to PRAB. I weighted 210lb and was
homesick and miserable. The first thing I did was to start on
my countdown calendar until the end of the tour and my return
home. I got married in April 1969 and left a pregnant wife at
home on 1 October 1969. My daughter was born 21 March 1970,
she was six months old when I arrived home in October 1970.

One of the many get-togethers we had to pass the time. Everyone
in the picture either worked in the Jet or Reciprocal Engine Shop.
I've since forgotten a lot of the vets names but I'm in the right
front and Fred Link is the guy with the glasses directly behind me.

The Airman's name on the right was Mike Brown and the Airman with
the guitar is Hank Fields. I think both worked in the Fuel shop.

Just a couple Airmen relaxing after lunch. I
recall the Airman's name on the right was Cook.

Ronald Wiles working on a fuel control in the prop shop.

SSgt Torres and Airman Powell in the prop job. Torres was a pretty
nice guy. He loved hot food and added tabasco sauce to everything.

Me in front of a prop engine quick
connection kit inside the prop shop.

Me again outside the prop shop.

A picture taken in the Prop shop.

Picture taken out behind the prop shop. The square
steel container in the right front of the picture held
a cleaning solvent that we used to degrease parts.

The AC-119G Shadow Gunship served combat duty for the USAF in SEA for
two years and nine months. Starting with the USAF Reserve's 71st SOS
in January 1969 and ending with the 17th SOS in September 1971.

Christmas 1969, Airmen Spear and Cook in
front of a C-123 decorated for the season.

This picture was taken after about five months in country.
I had dropped from 210 to 165 pounds. I worked out at the
gym on the hill and ran the hill almost every day.  (1970)

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