Photos and comments courtesy of:

John Hosking

Organization:  Civilian worker with
'Alaska Barge & Transport' out of Seattle, WA

Title:  Warehouse Supervisor
Location:  Lived and worked in the area by
the beach outside of PRAB.     (2/67-9/68)

I worked for 'Alaska Barge & Transport' which had a Military
Sea  Transport  Service  (MSTS)  contract to load/unload and
transport cargo by water during the Vietnam war.  I lived and
worked as a warehouse supervisor right on the beach, working
6 days a week, 10 hours each day. I would drive a truck almost
weekly, by myself, to Cam Ranh Bay for supplies. I would also
fly often to Saigon for larger parts that needed to be shipped
by air "Up Country" to us. Flew our cargo in on a DC-3. When
just traveling on business, when moving around the country,
I would catch a hop on a C-123 or C-130. My duties were also
of a mess hall supervisor, however, I had two Korean cooks
that ran it superbly and I was mainly just the sign off man
for the paper work. Below are a few scans and commments
of the beach area where I lived and worked.    (2/67-9/68)

Downtown Phan Rang

Road to Cam Ranh Bay.

Another trip to Cam Ranh Bay.

Captured by Swift Boat a VC gun runner boat.

Cham Towers

Phan Rang Catholic Church

I'm standing on the back side of our compound, near the
beach. You are looking north towards Buddha Mountain.

Picture from Buddha Mountain.  Your looking to the south
where you can see our compound below.  This is the same
view the VC would see when shelling us.  You can see my
warehouse and the large shop just over my right shoulder.

Bombs, Bombs, and more Bombs
being unloaded for the air base.

My warehouse,  with Bill Vogt's 16 ft. snipe
sail boat. This is where I learned how to sail.

We would launch the boat with a fork lift and go sailing.
When the surf was up we would body surf here also.

View of our camp with mess hall on left, living
quarters in middle,  and offices to the right.

Another view of our camp site showing a partial view of the
warehouse in the background. The porch covered building was
our clubhouse, and the building to the left was our mess hall.

Last day in VN. With my secretary
Co'Le' and my papa san Tran Dong.

In 1962 to 1965 I served in the Army before my work with the
'Alaska Barge & Transport' outside of Phan Rang AFB.

1965 with Sister Cho. She was a novice at the time, spoke perfect
English and was "Liaison". Worked with our group to help build an
orphanage. Had Christmas greetings from her for several years.

Above pic of myself taken in
Prescott Valley, Arizona (2020).

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