Photos and comments courtesy of:

Jim (Mouse) Hogan

Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Shop Mechanic

315th Consolidated Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)

315th Special Operations Wing

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

A wild bunch at the AGE shop (from left to right): Mike
Maloney from the hydraulic shop, Tom McGovern, that's me
standing on top, with Richard (Eggy) Eggsted sitting down in
front. The black guy's name is Don ?, standing with Mike Flynn.

Jim Johnson, and myself (The Mouse), out
behind the AGE shop. Talk about two outlaws!

MSGT Cox, ?, Johnson (grinning in the back), and McDermott (Fat Albert).

SSGT Simeon, SSGT Trujillo, and me.

Me, John ? from Alabama, and Dale (Dancing Bear) from Wisconsin.

Jim Johnson working on a generator out in the yard.

This picture was taken up on top of the revetment between the C-123
phase docks and the AGE yard where our equipment was parked. It's a
neat picture because you can see the bus stop out by the road as well
as the water tower. In the distance you can see that old Cham Temple
that sat up on the hill below the south gate heading to Thap Cham.

An APC in front of our old chowhall (9-68).

Here's a pic of me in front of the
315th SOW 'Life Support' Quonset hut.

Our shop chief (SSgt Simeon) walking back to our
shop building. Note our bunker to the right.
In the background you can see the walkway heading down
through the CAMS shop area and other 315 SOW operations.

Here is a pic of myself by the old water pump
that sat directly behind the A.G.E. shop.

Those magnificent C-123's out by the shop
being worked on in the Phase Docks.

Me inside the hanger working on a piece of our equipment.

McGovern, and Xander, sitting on the
sandbags out front in our quonset hut.

Outside our quonset hut barracks (Q10); McGovern
on the left, Eggsted, me, Mike, ? , and John.

Here is a photo of us standing in front of my bed. I don't
remember the name of the guy on the far left, but Ellwood
Campbell is right next to me with Richard Eggsted on the
far right. Steve Carter (the redhead from North Carolina)
is flexing his muscles down in front. I think that is
Bob Max's head that got cut off down on the bottom.

Me as a skinny nineteen year old kid from Alabama.

The 2005 version of the Mouse. A little more portly with a
full head of grey hair. "Postmaster Jim" to everyone in Eva.

I would love to have a reunion with any of the CAMS vets
especially the AGE shop. Many of the names of troops I'm
looking to get back in contact with are in the pictures
above and I will also include a few others below:

Belvin Hall
Eddie Small
Bruce Beckham
Don Neukam
Don Statler

If anyone can provided any more added infomation on the names
or locations of the vets I have listed above it would be appreciated.

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