Photos and comments courtesy of:
A1C Jim Alexander
Comm/Nav shop
35th AEMS
Colorado Air National Guard
Phan Rang AFB, RVN

Squadron symbol - used with permission of Charles
Schultz. Snoopy flying on a vacuum tube.  (1968)

Squadron office and patio, airman looking at bulletin board.  (1968)

Latrine in middle of pictures, barracks on left.(1968)

Steve Bradley, I believe was his name (It's
been over 40 years!), was my roommate for
1968 and some of 1969.  (1968)

This F100 Super Sabre jet, in bunker on flight line, belongs
to the 'Colorado Air National Guard'. Our symbol, the head
of a tiger, is on the nose landing gear door.  (1968)

Cockpit instrument panel of an F100.  (1968)

Under the "hood" of the F100 where most of the electronics is
mounted (UHF Radio, TACAN unit, Transponder, etc.).  (1968)

Two 20mm cannons on right side of F100. Left side has 2
more, each capable of firing 800 rounds of ammo.  (1968)

High drag bomb (hanging under the left wing of this F100)
is mounted inboard of the extra fuel tank.  (1968)

F100 taking off for a "functional check flight" with
no weapons or extras on board. Jet had just been worked
on so it had to be checked out in the air.  (1968)

Australian Canberra bomber, cousin to our B-57s. Walls
around aircraft are the result of the February 1968
"Tet offensive", where a whole flight line of aircraft
was destroyed because one got hit. The resulting
explosion caused a chain reaction.  (G) (1968)

Closer look at Canberra, showing flag and canopy.  (1968)

One of our B-57s, with my friend George Shook walking beside
it. Usual attire at work on flight line.  (1968)

Cockpit of the B-57.  (1968)

Pair of bombs on bombbay door of B-57, maybe 250 pound bombs.  (1968)

Trailer load of bombs, 500 pounders and high drags.  (1969)

Napalm bombs.  (1969)

Repair hanger with B-57 on left and F100 in back. One of the
maintenance vehicles parked in front of hanger.  (1969)

The maintenance vehicle assigned to the group I
worked for, Communications and Navigation (Comm/Nav),
is parked in front of building we worked from.  (1969)

O-2 observation plane. Note two engines. These were
what the "forward air controllers" used.  (1969)

Rescue Helicopter (I believe it's an HH-43)  (1969)

Rescue copter off to do it's job, carrying a container of foam for a fire.  (1969)

DC-3, personal transportation of some General that came to visit.  (1969)

C-123 used by inspection group, all shiny and bright.  (1969)

Waiting to GO HOME. Don't remember their names, but we are waiting
for the Boeing 707 to come and fly us back to the States.  (1969)

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