Photos and comments courtesy of:

Henry (Hank) Fields

Fuel Systems Mechanic

315th Consolidated Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)

315th Special Operations Wing

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

During a trip down south while on Flying Status for
the month I shot this pic of Phan Rang AB  (1969)

Here is a view of our 315 CAMS quonset hut area showing
Q-10 and Q11. Photos taken from the bus stop area.  (1969)

Me and Mike Ginn, always had cold beer handy cause Mike
had a small refrigerator in his room. He had a chained
padlock on it, but I knew where he kept the key.  (1969)

This was part of my back-up group (Mike Vogel). He couldn't
sing, pick the guitar, or carry any tune that I ever recognized,
but he liked hanging around when I got the guitar out.  (1969)

Here is a scan Mike Vogel provided showing Mike Brown, Jim
Thomason, and myself, singing out in front of Q9.  (1969)

Terry Dennison, Bazille, and Paul Jeffries, out back of Q9 and Q10, the backyard
part. Had a get together there with "live Music" provided by ME.  (1969)

The Airmen's club the 10 cent beer.....had a real
good time on a dollar. Me and MacDonald kneeling, and in back
of me is a guy I met on the Red Horse Detail. Paul Jeffries in back of
MacDonald then Jim Thomason. We liked to make the ole Beer Can
Pyramid...till they all fell down and we had to go home.  (1969)

Me again sitting on Fuel tank dolly with a fuel cell tank. It was ready
to go back on one of our C123's. We usually had to replace the bladder
cell inside due to bullet holes....They took a beating but keep our guys
safe. They had self-sealing features but when let go for too long the fuel
inside would make the hole bigger and we had to change the cell.  (1969)

My Shop Chief Dave, Me, and Jeff Mugler, from Chicago. We
were having our Christmas party under the parachute.  (1969)

Mike Brown from Kansas City and Mike Ginn from Anaheim CA.
That was our Christmas in Phan Rang AB 1969. I had two weeks
to go till it was my turn on the "Freedom Bird".  (1969)

ME...35 years later...Retired Federal Aviation Administration. Met a lot
of great people over in Vietnam and I do think about the experience with
them and glad to have done my little make it fun....with my
music I played for a lot of those guys. Still playing music today in my
band here in Petoskey, Michigan. Not in a rockin' chair yet.  (2005)

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