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FROM 1-8-15

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 1/26/19

                                                                                    Name: Sanders (Sandy) Avery

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Now > Fayetteville, Ga ( 30 mi. S of Atlanta )

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 615 TFS - 1/ Lt. Pilot F-100
                                                                                    Tour: 70/71

                                                                                    Comments: When the 35 TFW closed we flew the airplanes home (July - Sept 1971)
                                                                                    and handed them over to various Guard units. As I am writing this email
                                                                                    (Jan. 26, 2019) a group of five 615 TFS pilots and one 352 TFS pilot is
                                                                                    completing a 9 day trip back to Vietnam, including a visit to our former
                                                                                    base, Phan Rang. It has been a bittersweet trip as two of our 615 TFS
                                                                                    comrades, First Lieutenants Jon M. King and Elmon C. ( Mike) Caudill
                                                                                    were among those killed on the C-123 flight Bookie 540 which crashed
                                                                                    on Nov. 29, 1970. Jon was my roommate and having had his assignment
                                                                                    curtailed, was on his way home to see his infant daughter who he had
                                                                                    never seen. It came as a complete surprise to learn there were two
                                                                                    survivors, as all of our pilots had believed there were no survivors. I am
                                                                                    trying to get in touch with Vincent Fairbrother who was one of the
                                                                                    survivors and posted his account on this website. If he can get in touch
                                                                                    with me at:, I would be greatly appreciative.
                                                                                    Regards to you all.---Sandy Avery

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 9-24-18

                                                                                    Name: Alberto A. Pena

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Now > Houston, Texas, Then > NYC, NY

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS-Jet Engine Specialist
                                                                                    Tour: Oct 68 thru Oct 69

                                                                                    Comments: I worked on the C-123 Bookie Bird and did several TDY
                                                                                    tours to Da Nang AB (RATS & Operation Ranch Hand). Hit several
                                                                                    bases north of Saigon to up to the DMZ. My biggest regret is having
                                                                                    lost contact with all but one of my friends while there. Prior to PRAB.
                                                                                    I was stationed at Takhli AB in Thailand for 1 year (Oct 67 thru Oct 68).
                                                                                    I am grateful for the opportunity serving in the AF and for all the friends I made.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 11-25-17

                                                                                    Name: Mike Steele

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Visalia, CA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: Assigned: Tan Son Nhut AB,
                                                                                    reassigned Phan Rang AB, 309th ACS/SOS, September 1967-August 1968

                                                                                    Comments: I was a Flight Line Assistant Crew Chief on the C-123 Providers.
                                                                                    It was my first assignment out of Tech School and first time overseas,
                                                                                    learned a lot while there. Celebrated 21st birth day in Airman's Club
                                                                                    and saw Bob Hope Christmas Show in Happy Valley Drive In. Next morning
                                                                                    helped to block out 123 air craft with Barbra McNair and other members
                                                                                    of shows of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
                                                                                    One year to the day that I DEROSed I returned to RVN as an
                                                                                    O-1 Birddog Crew Chief at Binh Thuy AB in the Delta......

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 8-18-17

                                                                                    Name: John J Zela

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Coldspring, TX 77331

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th AMS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 1970-1971

                                                                                    Comments: A few individual's names that I remember while stationed at PRAB:
                                                                                    LT Col Charles Bailey
                                                                                    William Scott
                                                                                    Ray Ingersoll
                                                                                    Phil Sommerlot
                                                                                    Gary Bryant
                                                                                    David Morstad

                                                                                    After leaving PRAB as a SSGT in Sep 1971, I received an early out
                                                                                    and went home. But, that was a year that I will never forget.
                                                                                    Thank you, John J Zela

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 5-6-17

                                                                                    Name: Thomas Kirkpatrick

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Thailand

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 14 FMS - Avionics Comm Shop

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 1971

                                                                                    Comments: I worked on the AC119 Gun Ships (Stinger and Shadow)
                                                                                    and the Cessna O2Bs. Our NCOIC was MSgt Einest Boatman. Our
                                                                                    Mascott was a Dog named AJAX. Everybody called me KP. I am
                                                                                    now retired and living with my Thai wife in Thailand.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 2-11-17

                                                                                    Name: Dave Marks

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Highlands, NC

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th Air Police Panther Flt Sqd

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 1966-1967

                                                                                    Comments: I was in the 35th Air Police Panther Flt Squadron in 1966 and 1967.
                                                                                    I didn't work on the flight line but I do remember F-4s, F-105s, and 100s
                                                                                    flying in and out during my tour. I do remember the Australians arriving on
                                                                                    base and bringing their Canberra Bomber. I remember the Koreans arriving also.
                                                                                    I returned to Vietnam in 2016 but did not get to Phan Rang. I got as close as
                                                                                    Da Lat and our guide asked me if I wanted to drive down to Phan Rang. I asked
                                                                                    if we would be able to get on base and he said he doubted it. Time was an issue
                                                                                    so I said no thanks. Id like to hear from anyone who remembers me from my tour.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 9-25-16

                                                                                    Name: Albert A. Pjosek

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Moses Lake, WA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 310th Air Commando SQDN/310th Special OPS SQDN

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: June 1968 to July 1969

                                                                                    Comments: I was a SSGT Loadmaster with the 310th SGDN during my tour
                                                                                    at PRAB. The country is a very beautiful place, imagine beaches
                                                                                    all the way from the north to the very south. I enjoyed your site
                                                                                    very much. Brought back a lot of memories a lot. Anyway thanks for
                                                                                    your site and take care. God Bless Albert A. Pjosek (PJ) TSG Ret USAF

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 7-9-16

                                                                                    Name: Harvey Lucore

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Bossier City, Louisiana

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 309th Air Commando Squadron

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: September 1967 through August 1968

                                                                                    Comments: I was a Staff Sergeant at Phan Rang AFB and fulfilled several
                                                                                    roles during my tour. First I was a Flight Chief for about 6 months
                                                                                    working in Job Control for about 2 months, then took over Plans &
                                                                                    Scheduling since I held dual AFSCs as both an aircraft Maintenance
                                                                                    technician and as a Scheduler. My new stateside assignment was to
                                                                                    England AFB Louisiana. I arrived just in time for the C-123 to be
                                                                                    deactivated and sent to the bone-yard. I was assigned as a Crew Chief
                                                                                    on an A-26 until it was discovered I was also qualified as a 7-level
                                                                                    Scheduler. For the rest of my career, I stayed in scheduling and
                                                                                    eventually was assigned to the Strategic Air Command, 17th Bombardment
                                                                                    Wing at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. When the wing was closed, I was
                                                                                    sent to Ellsworth AFB, SD, Okinawa, Japan, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC,
                                                                                    and 8thAF HQ where I was the Maintenance Management Superintendent for
                                                                                    the eastern half of the U.S. and Europe. I retired as a Senior Master
                                                                                    Sergeant January 31, 1986. In retirement, I worked for Boeing in Riyadh,
                                                                                    Saudi Arabia, arriving just in time for Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
                                                                                    We trained the RSAF on AWACCS E-3A and KE-3A aircraft. There is more,
                                                                                    but probably not applicable for this site. I was glad to have discovered
                                                                                    it when ruminating about the good old days. Best Regards

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-6-16

                                                                                    Name: Adam Cyr (on behalf of my father 'Richard (Rick) Cyr')

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Adam: North Port, FL / Rick: Endicott, NY

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: no, but my father Rick Cyr was there

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 310th ACS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 70-71

                                                                                    Comments: My father has been trying to track down his old flight crew.
                                                                                    My father served as Loadmaster and his pilot and co-pilot were, Dennis
                                                                                    Cortwright (possible misspelling of the last name) and Rick Steiner.
                                                                                    Didnt get the Flight Engineer name. They operated under call sign
                                                                                    Bookie 512. Getting in touch with the old flight crew and/or anyone who
                                                                                    was working in concert with them would be greatly appreciated. Adam Cyr

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-4-16

                                                                                    Name: Richard K Leonard (Rick)

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Millersburg, Pa

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: USAF Crash Rescue Fire Dept

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: Jan 1966 to Sept 30 1966

                                                                                    Comments: I guess after all these years I want to get in
                                                                                    touch with others who were there in 1966 in the fire dept
                                                                                    and others too. Thank you for all your help. Rick Leonard

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-2-16

                                                                                    Name: Kevin Coker

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:


                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: no, but my father was.

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit:

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date:

                                                                                    Comments: My dad was SMSgt. Charles Ray Coker.
                                                                                    He passed away in 1987 (age 57) from cancer.
                                                                                    recall he was stationed at Phan Rang AFB for about
                                                                                    2-3 years. If you know of him, or have any memories
                                                                                    of my dad, I would love to hear about them, or if you
                                                                                    could forward this message to someone who might
                                                                                    had known him that would be great. Thank you! Kevin.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 4-8-16

                                                                                    Name: Louis Davis

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Bartlesville, Oklahoma

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 311 ACS (C-123K Loadmaster)

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 07/67 to 07/68

                                                                                    Comments: Enjoyed visiting your site. Brought back a
                                                                                    bunch of old memories. Would love to hear from anyone
                                                                                    who remembers me or who served during my time there.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 2-5-16

                                                                                    Name: Jay Decker

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Austin, TX

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS - Pneudraulics Shop

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 09/68 to 09/69

                                                                                    Comments: My previous comments are in the archives.
                                                                                    We moved changing address & email. I think we
                                                                                    were in Phan Rang at the same time but I was on
                                                                                    nights the first part of my tour. I worked with Shea,
                                                                                    Shank & Cann, then later switched to days to help
                                                                                    on the PM docks at the request of TSGT Roy Thomas.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-24-15

                                                                                    Name: SSgt Anton J Demboski

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Iron Mountain, Michigan

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35 Security Police Squadron

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 1967-1968

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-6-15

                                                                                    Name: (Chaplain) Col Scott Adams

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:


                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: no

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit:

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date:

                                                                                    Comments: I am an AF chaplain and colonel. I spent 11 years
                                                                                    on active duty and now finishing my career in the reserves.
                                                                                    I am on duty as the AFSOC Command chaplain for a couple of
                                                                                    weeks and was scanning the sites from Phan Rang. My father
                                                                                    was something like the deputy base commander at PRAB for
                                                                                    about 8 months I believe in 1970. I believe he was a
                                                                                    pinned-on Lt Col by then, Reginald W. Adams, Jr. I am trying
                                                                                    to find some record of him from those years. At one point,
                                                                                    they asked around for guys willing to train into the C-123s,
                                                                                    and I believe he did fly some missions. He was an F-86 pilot
                                                                                    in Korea and then a KC-135 pilot the rest of his career.
                                                                                    Ch, Col Scott Adams

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 1-8-15

                                                                                    Name: Ronald (Ronny) Shadix (Shad)

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Douglasville, Georgia

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 311th Air Commando Sq

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: August 1966 to August 1967

                                                                                    Comments: Joined 311th ACS at DaNang about October '66,
                                                                                    after spending about a month in Phillipines for orientation.
                                                                                    Sometime in '67 our unit headquarters was transferred to
                                                                                    Phan Rang and we stayed at DaNang on TDY. Worked as aircraft
                                                                                    engine recip mechanic (43151a)(?). Worked both day and night
                                                                                    shift's on flight line. Day shifts were sorties all over
                                                                                    Northern South VM. Would hitch ride whenever OIC would allow.
                                                                                    Flew into some mighty small strip's. DongHa and Khe Sanh are a
                                                                                    couple I recall names of, but there were a lot more. A couple
                                                                                    of LZ's were in mountain's and the bird never came to a stop.
                                                                                    As bird came to end of strip we would have cargo unlashed and
                                                                                    open cargo door, pilot would turn and we pushed and or slung
                                                                                    cargo out rear, close door and full power for take off roll.
                                                                                    One sound caught everyone's attention, it was a metallic ping.
                                                                                    That's when you started looking for any damage.DaNang was
                                                                                    attacked with rockets and it tore the place up. Several of our
                                                                                    bird's were severely damaged. The AC I was assigned had numerous
                                                                                    hole's but inspection seemed to be airworthy. The 'ole man'
                                                                                    wanted to go to PhanRang so we started out and radio went out.
                                                                                    Made several attempt's but something always caused abort. Finally
                                                                                    the 'ole man' said get this dam thing good enough to get off the
                                                                                    ground and we are out of here. We flew from DaNang to Phan Rang
                                                                                    with no radio as it went out soon after takeoff. The day after
                                                                                    arrival I started pulling cowling and cover plate's off for a
                                                                                    good inspection. Found a hole in lower wing to fuselage skin cover.
                                                                                    Pulled panel and found the aileron cable had been hit with shrapnel
                                                                                    and was cut almost through. Called squad Sgt over and pointed it
                                                                                    out to him. He called the 'ole man' and he came down and looked at
                                                                                    the cable and said we were lucky as hell we made it. While there
                                                                                    we had the first K model assigned to 311th arrive. I assisted in
                                                                                    inspecting and preparing for combat flight. I made several trips
                                                                                    to and from DaNang. Also made several trips into town with some
                                                                                    of the guy's. Some names I remember, most I do not, Robby
                                                                                    Robertson, Tom paschal(lived in Ft Walton, Fl) Tom Hicks (form
                                                                                    Texas), Jack Evonka(?)(from Pa). Wish I could recall more names.
                                                                                    Have lot's more memories but this is getting long so I will close.

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