1-4-14 to 8-17-14

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 8-17-14

                                                                                    Name: Ed Giannotti

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Franklin, TN

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS - Electronic Shop

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: Nov 1970 to Oct 1971

                                                                                    Comments: I was Sgt (E-4) at PRAB and worked in electronics
                                                                                    (radio/radar) on any aircraft that was there (C123ís,  F4ís,
                                                                                    etc.). I worked the 6 pm - 6 am shift, 6 nights a week. I have
                                                                                    some photos that I can scan (it may take me a while to dig up).
                                                                                    Thanks...this web site brings back many memories, good and bad.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-16-14

                                                                                    Name: Tom Mix

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Clay City , IL

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35 FMS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: Oct 1968 - Oct 1969

                                                                                    Comments: I worked on the flight line.
                                                                                    Eng mechanic on F-100's and B57's.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-12-14

                                                                                    Name: -Mike Puglisit

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Rochester, NY

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th support

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 1970-1971

                                                                                    Comments: Worked in orderly room on flight line then in
                                                                                    orderly room on base. Also bartended at the nco club. I
                                                                                    have pictures but havenít looked at them in over 20 some
                                                                                    years. I do remember Chuck Carson from Little Rock Arkansas.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 3-26-14

                                                                                    Name: Lloyd P. "Bud" Short

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Haughton, LA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 435 MMS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: June 1970-June 1971

                                                                                    Comments: Tim Kunze (posted here 8-6-12) and I
                                                                                    left PRAB on the same day, same flight and rode the
                                                                                    same airplanes all the way back to Pittsburgh, PA.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 1-23-14

                                                                                    Name: Larry Wickert

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Grabill, Indiana (Originally from Mentor, Ohio)

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 612th TFS (An F-100 wing)

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: April 1969 Thru December 1969

                                                                                    Comments: Prior to Phan Rang my squadron was at Phu Cat AB.
                                                                                    I arrived at Phu Cat on Christmas Day in 1968. The 612th was
                                                                                    moved from Phu Cat to Phan Rang in April, 1969. I was a crew
                                                                                    chief on the Huns. I appreciate the effort you and others
                                                                                    have put into the web site. I just discovered it. Thanks

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 1-4-14

                                                                                    Name: Alan F. Maberry

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Philadelphia, PA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: Former Sgt / SSgt - 823d RED HORSE

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: Sept. Thru Nov. 1970

                                                                                    Comments: Served at Phan Rang AB with Det 3, 823d RED HORSE. We
                                                                                    convoyed to Phan Rang from our HQ base at Bien Hoa in Sept of 1970.
                                                                                    I was NCOIC of the pre-fab shop and my project was to construct new
                                                                                    guard towers for the base perimeter. My hope is they made things
                                                                                    survivor able for the occupants. Not only made of heavy timber but
                                                                                    with 8" of sand and 1/2" boiler plate in the walls. Hope they worked!!!
                                                                                    I left PR in early December, back to Bien Hoa to form up with the initial
                                                                                    convoy to Soc Trang Air Field way down on the Delta (Ba Xuyen Province).

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