2-17-13 to 12-26-13

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 12-26-13

                                                                                    Name: Gary Pogue

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Ft Walton Beach, FL

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 21 TASS - was orderly room clerk

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: July 1971 to November 1971

                                                                                    Comments: Had fun taking the Beach Buggy to So China Sea for a dip and
                                                                                    trying to cross over the fence in water for more fun with the girls (believe
                                                                                    that area was off limits). Went to NCO club for a couple of pizzas. Strapped
                                                                                    them to back fender of a very unstable bike and somehow made it down the
                                                                                    hill without crashing & burning. Bike shook like a go-go dancer. The 21
                                                                                    TASS left PRAB in Nov 71 and relocated to Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 12-9-13

                                                                                    Name: Jerry K. Mainer

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Sun City Center, Florida

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315th CAMS
                                                                                    Recipe Engine build up shop.

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: March 1969 to March 1970

                                                                                    Comments: Lived in the old hooches in Q 8 and Q 9, close to the truck
                                                                                    park loaded with bombs. I recall the Korean Army 105s firing over our
                                                                                    hooches. We later moved to up scale hooches close to the Post Office and
                                                                                    the library. We could walk up the hill to the NCO club for ice cold beer.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 11-5-13

                                                                                    Name: William (Bill) Nelson

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Biloxi, Ms

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315th CAMS, Environmental Systems
                                                                                    (Mechanical Accessories (MA shop))

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: March 29, 1971 to February 29, 1972

                                                                                    Comments: I was looking for research to include in my VA Claim, and
                                                                                    found this site. It's amazing to see names, pictures and reading the
                                                                                    comments, even tho my memory today doesn't remember. There is a name
                                                                                    there 'John Alexander' who I will be definitely contacting. Our shop was
                                                                                    small and I think the Hydraulic shop was right beside ours. I remember
                                                                                    going on the Aussie side of the base when they departed. Found a great
                                                                                    pin-up of Connie Kreski. I remember that well. I also caught a blue
                                                                                    headed lizard, which lived behind one of our lockers, and I think I had
                                                                                    a Hawk with one leg. Great memories. Mike, thanks for this website.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 10-18-13

                                                                                    Name: Jerry Jones

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Ogallala, Nebraska

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 247th dustoff Medivac Unit...Army...

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: June 1970 to October 1971

                                                                                    Comments: Was in Dustoff Unit on south side of base next to
                                                                                    Airforce mess hall. We were medical evacuation helicopters
                                                                                    and took care of the area from Phan Thiet to Nha Trang all
                                                                                    the way to Cambodian border. We had 6 helicopters and because
                                                                                    we had such a large area we had standby bases In Phan Thiet/
                                                                                    Wiskey Mountain and Baloc and in Nha Trang. We had about 50
                                                                                    people or less in the unit. We supported the Korean White
                                                                                    Horse Division and ARVN troops and of course our troops.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 10-15-13

                                                                                    Name: Charlie Randall

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Shoreline, WA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th CES

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: May 1970 to May 1971

                                                                                    Comments: I was stationed at Phan Rang and
                                                                                    worked out of the Mason/Carpenter shop.     

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 10-7-13

                                                                                    Name: John Alexander

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Los Angeles, CA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS, A/C Environmental Systems

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: February 1970 to November 1970

                                                                                    Comments: I was stationed at Phan Rang in 1970. I worked in
                                                                                    A/C Environmental Systems and our shop probably had the fewest
                                                                                    men in the maintenance squadron. I hope and pray that the years
                                                                                    have been good to all my fellow airmen brothers at PRAB. Many
                                                                                    thanks to Mike Vogel and everyone who has support this website.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 8-28-13

                                                                                    Name: Bob MacAvoy

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Clark, New Jersey

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th Field Maintenance Squadron

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: August 1967 to August 1968

                                                                                    Comments: I was an aircraft fuel systems mechanic 42450 for the F-100's
                                                                                    and B-57's. Our shop and repair pad were located across from the alert
                                                                                    pilots quarters near the center of the taxiway to the revetments.
                                                                                    Did several TDY's to Cam Ranh Bay, Bien Hoa, and Binh Tuy. My shop
                                                                                    chiefs were TSGT Jeffries and later MSGT Grimm who were both
                                                                                    righteous dudes. I am in touch with six of my close fuel shop
                                                                                    buddies; Doerfler, Oram, Bernardini, Carnevale, Walker, and
                                                                                    Oliver. Still trying to find one more, Zimmerman (aka: Zip from
                                                                                    Iowa. Before Phan Rang I was stationed at McGuire in NJ (54's,
                                                                                    118's, 130's and 135's) and after Phan Rang at McChord (124's
                                                                                    and 141's). Did TDY's in the States to Dover and Myrtle Beach.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 7-23-13

                                                                                    Name: John Hoffman

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Leicester, NC

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th AMS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: May 1970 to May 1971

                                                                                    Comments: I really enjoyed finding this site. While at PRAB I worked
                                                                                    in NAVAIDS on IFF. I had many other experiences while there. I
                                                                                    drove Black 6 a lot on the flight line taking specialists to and from
                                                                                    aircraft. I was a volunteer with the security force and spent time in
                                                                                    the towers on the perimeter and also spent a few weeks at the beach
                                                                                    as a guard. That was quite an experience. I got the opportunity to
                                                                                    fly on the "Roadrunner" for a while after winning airman of the month.
                                                                                    I was a member of the "Group W" bench and will always remember
                                                                                    the friends that I had there. I have many pictures of the base and
                                                                                    personal as well as pictures off the base and the beach.  

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-12-13

                                                                                    Name: Ed Criddle

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Fuquay Varina, NC

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes - I closed the base aprox. March 1972

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: Det 6 First Airial Port Squadron (MAC)

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: October 26 1971 to March 1972

                                                                                    Comments: I have many stories and pictures. When the base closed all units had to get rid
                                                                                    of their money so they hired bands and bar maids for the last couple of weeks. We had
                                                                                    a hard time getting 5 c123 sorties off every morning because of maintenance problems
                                                                                    When Bob Hope was in country every one left on time with no breakdowns to combat
                                                                                    load GIs in and out of the show. I watched the c123s leave for good and form up and
                                                                                    fly over in four groups of four. That was a sad day. Bookie Birds were 123s and Spare
                                                                                    call signs were c130s. I finished my remote tour in Utapao Tiland.        Ed Criddle

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-3-13

                                                                                    Name: Charles K. Creasy

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Brooklet, GA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS Air frame structural repair (Sheet metal shop)

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: August 1967 to August 1968

                                                                                    Comments: I am trying to find someone who was at PRAB that worked in
                                                                                    315 CAMS area that remembers an incident when a large hole was dug
                                                                                    between the flt. line shops and the mess hall. No barriers were put up to
                                                                                    mark the hole. I was working at night during a black out, when I left shop
                                                                                    to go to the mess hall I could only see the faint light between the boards on
                                                                                    the side of the mess hall. I walked right into that hole, afterwards I had
                                                                                    severe pain in my back, I did not know at the time how bad I was hurt. I
                                                                                    found out years later I had cracked 3 vertabra in my back. I found out
                                                                                    after warning everyone I could that night, several others were hurt by
                                                                                    falling in that same hole. Quite a few people should have known about this.
                                                                                    I am no longer able to work because of the back problems resulting from
                                                                                    this. I need someone that was there at the time that can verify this incident
                                                                                    happened. I am trying to file a claim with the VA. Any help will be greatly
                                                                                    appreciated. I enjoy this site very much. I have not found any of the guys I
                                                                                    worked with yet, but still trying.     Thank you; Ken Creasy.                         

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 2-17-13

                                                                                    Name: James L. Trump

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Mohave Valley, Arizona

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS Fuel Syst.

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: Cam Ranh Bay 10-66 to 6-67 then 6-67 to 5-68 at PRAB

                                                                                    Comments: I was scrolling down the guestbook when I came across
                                                                                    John Rutherfords name. We was at PRAB together, then we both
                                                                                    ended up at Kelly AFB Tex. in the 2954 CLSS Squadron. I just
                                                                                    about fell out of my chair. I will be getting in touch with him.
                                                                                    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this Web site.
                                                                                    Enjoyed all the pictures that the fellas sent to you. Thanks again!

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