5-6-12 to 12-27-12

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 12-27-12

                                                                                    Name: Robert E. Dykes

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Gray, Tn.

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315th CAMS and 35th FMS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: 8/68-8/69 (315th) & 10/70-10/71 (35th)

                                                                                    Comments: I was NCOIC of the machine shop in both the 315th and the 35th
                                                                                    I have two buddies that I have stayed in contact with over the years - Bobby
                                                                                    Parton, Azle, Tx. and Earl Gossett, Griffin, Ga. We all visit from time to
                                                                                    time. Bobby was in the 315th and Earl was in the 35th. When I was in the
                                                                                    315th, we could go off base to a place we called "The Strip". When I came
                                                                                    back in October of 70, we were told that Charlie had eliminated the strip.
                                                                                    Something else that was different - during my first tour we only had night
                                                                                    time "incoming". The day I arrived on the second tour we were hit in the
                                                                                    daytime as we started from the aircraft to base personnel. So we spent
                                                                                    some time in the ditch as a welcome back home. I was on the aircraft
                                                                                    recovery team - spent some time in interesting places. I had a tour at Ubon
                                                                                    Thai Air Base 1/66 - 1/67. I was in and out of Nam on that assignment.
                                                                                    Thanks for all that you do to keep the memories alive.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 12-18-12

                                                                                    Name: Kenneth W. Houck

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Kathleen, Georgia

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS - Jet/Reciprocal Engine Shops

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: October 1969 to October 1970

                                                                                    Comments: Besides a Jet mechanic, I was also an augmentee that
                                                                                    went to the perimeter when the base got hit. I did a few nights
                                                                                    of tower/guard duty with the SPS. I remember the K-9 walking
                                                                                    the perimeter at night with the AGE lights facing outward. I was
                                                                                    at Cannon AFB, prior to Viet Nam, a bunch of A1C got orders at
                                                                                    the same time. Some of the names that I remember are Fred Link,
                                                                                    Spears, Ron Wiles, Lindblum. It has been a long time since I've
                                                                                    given Viet Nam much thought. I remember the Chow Hall for the
                                                                                    C123 side was great which is something I wouldn't expect. I hated
                                                                                    being at Phan Rang but I almost hated to leave when my tour was up.
                                                                                    I separated from the AF in 1972 then went into the Reserves 12 years
                                                                                    later at Youngstown, Ohio. I went back on active duty at age 45 in
                                                                                    1995, stayed on active duty until 2008. I turned out to be a LIFER
                                                                                    after all!! Presently I work on Robins AFB as a federal employee.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 11-28-12

                                                                                    Name: John A. Griffith

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Carleton, Michigan

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes, Army (beach area)

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 981st MP Co (Sentry Dog)

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: January 4 1969 to January 4 1970

                                                                                    Comments: We guarded the beach operations with D Co. 51st Inf.
                                                                                    The JP4, Bombs and Beer rations came through the beach operations.
                                                                                    Bombs trucked to the AB, JP4 by overland pipe, and yeah even the
                                                                                    beer made it by truck. We had to go over to the AB to visit the
                                                                                    PX where we would get to see the air conditioned quarters the Air
                                                                                    Force had, then had to return to our un-airconditioned hotches.
                                                                                    I guess it was good times for the worst of times.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 8-6-12

                                                                                    Name: -Tim Kunze

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Palm Harbor, FL

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 435 MMS

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: June 1970 to June 1971

                                                                                    Comments: Nice to see some pictures of the old bomb dump and
                                                                                    some of the aircraft based at PR. Brings back some fond
                                                                                    memories and makes me wish I had taken more pictures.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 8-5-12

                                                                                    Name: -Michael J. Bazile

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Ponchatoula, Louisiana

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAM R&R shop

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: January 1969 to December 1969

                                                                                    Comments: Seen a few guys I was roommates with, Jim Thomason,
                                                                                    Mike Brown, Paul Jeffries, and MacDonald.
                                                                                    Like to know if any of them has e-mail addresses.
                                                                                    great site, thanks bought back a few memories.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 7-30-12

                                                                                    Name: John Rutherford

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Mathis, TX

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 315 CAMS Fuel Syst.

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: November 1967 to November 1968

                                                                                    Comments: I knew Thomason for sure and Aschenbach rings a bell.
                                                                                    You've done a super job on that site, I really enjoyed it.
                                                                                    Thank you

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 6-25-12

                                                                                    Name: Roger Wahl

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Apple Valley, MN (Summer)

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: HQ 35 CSG - Personnel

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: December 1966 to February 1968

                                                                                    Comments: Great site - Happened to find it by chance when doing
                                                                                    a Google search for Phan Rang. I have numerous photos of the
                                                                                    CBPO area and some personnel if you are interested. Would be
                                                                                    interested in hearing from others in personnel around that time.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 5-27-12

                                                                                    Name: Ron Ward

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Cheswick, PA

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 554 RED HORSE

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: January 1966 to January 1967

                                                                                    Comments: Mike has done a lot of work to make this a great site.
                                                                                    Brings back a lot of memories. That was a long time ago. I am
                                                                                    retired now and enjoying it. Thanks Mike for all your hard work.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 5-19-12

                                                                                    Name: -Paul D. Breisacher

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Wading River, New York

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 615 TAC (Panthers VZ F-100's) Crew Chief

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: May 1969 to May 1970

                                                                                    Comments: Vice base commander Col. Denning was my
                                                                                    pilot and he had me wax the entire camouflaged aircraft.
                                                                                    He swore that he got an extra 20 knots from 'Sweet Lips'
                                                                                    The NCOIC was Sr. Msgt. Nafuss (?) who just came off a
                                                                                    couple of years tour as the Thunderbird's NCOIC, wasn't
                                                                                    easy. Have slides, have stories.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 5-14-12

                                                                                    Name: -Paul Hinzman

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Appleton, Wisconsin

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 35th Supply Sq. Hdqr. Office

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: March 1967 to December 1968

                                                                                    Comments: Enjoyed my time there but my memory
                                                                                    is not that great anymore. The pictures
                                                                                    really help. I have a bunch of slides I am
                                                                                    planning to put to my computer some day.

                                                                                    Date of Posting Entry: 5-6-12

                                                                                    Name: John Mack

                                                                                    E-Mail Address:

                                                                                    City/State: Ontario, Canada

                                                                                    Were You At PRAB: yes

                                                                                    ...If So...What Outfit: 311ACS, loadmaster

                                                                                    ...If So...What Tour Date: March 1968 to April 1969

                                                                                    Comments: This is a place to relive old
                                                                                    memories. I would like to hear from
                                                                                    any loadmaster who served with me.
                                                                                    Mikes done a great job on this site.

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