Past Archived Guestbook Entries From PRAB Vets

2011-06-01 19:00:13
Dave Landis ""
Portland, Oregon, AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: "35CSG and 315CSG (Feb 71-Feb 72)
Lived in Redhorse hootches in F row. Worked at Batson Hall.
Thanks, Mike!!!!

2011-06-01 19:02:25
Mike Mulcahey ""
Fairfield, OH USA, AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 435 MMS (6/4/69 - 6/4/70)
Very good site with a lot of memories attached.
Thank You

2011-06-01 19:04:24
Charles Estes ""
Humboldt, TN At PRAB:Yes, Outfit: 1882 Comm. Squad (1970-1971)
I was maint. on dste & crypto equipment at the red rocket express.

2011-06-04 02:17:45", Sgt Jack D. Jones ""
Safford, Az (but living in the Philippines) AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th Svcs Sqd (Feb 67-Feb 68)
Great site, but I can't be the only cook that knows how to operate a computer.
I loved PRAB and enjoyed playing horseshoes and volleyball against the Aussies
everyday we weren't playing softball. Our team won the Phan Rang Fastpitch title
in 67 and I was the little shit playing shortstop. I worked at the Flight Line Dining Hall.
I couldn't cook so my job was typing the menus, ordering food items, etc.
The beach was great too. My friends and I spent a lot of time at the Strip and
playing with the girls in the Phan Rang or Thap Chan bars. I don't drink anymore
- too old. I want to go back for a visit. I now live in Bacolod City
in the Philippines so I'm not too far away.

2011-06-04 11:05:51
David L. Fuller, TSGT "" At PRAB:Yes Outfit: 35th Hdq
QC Branch (Electronics)(Colorado Air National Guard)April 1968 to May 1969

2011-06-04 17:54:17
Bill Harrison ""
Brunswick, Georgia" At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: USAF Dispensary 35 (1969-1970)

2011-06-06 14:19:02
Reggie Burr ""
St. Peters,Missouri, At PRAB:Yes, Outfit: 35 FMS, F-100 Jet Engine Shop (10/69-10/70

2011-06-14 09:57:12
Floyd H Brown "

2011-06-16 14:33:21
James (Jim) Hamilton ""
Edinboro, PA, AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: Don't remember outfit, but I did
structural repair on the AC 47 & AC 119 gunships.(10/69-8/70)
All the pictures on this site bring back a lot of memories.
Our squadron occupied the quonset huts near the ammo dump at
the far end of the flightline. A lot of rockets used to go
over our heads on their way toward the ammo dump.

2011-06-20 21:41:09
Bernie Brumley ""
Dale, Indiana, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 315 CAMS/Corrosion Control Shop (9/67-9/69
Brings back a lot of old memories. I saw photos of people
I haven't seen for over 40 years. Wow - hard to believe
it has been that long! Many thanks for your efforts.

2011-06-28 15:50:35
Gary Eddy ""
Waxhaw, NC, AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 435th Munitions Maintenance Sq. (68-69)
Brings back memories. Often wish I had stayed in the AF. Too late now.

2011-07-05 12:57:11
Bill Watson ""
AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th AMS (1969-1970)

2011-07-12 15:23:06
Bob Krawczak, Ph.D ""
Oregon City, Oregon, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th USAF Dispensary
and volunteer medic on C-130 and C-123. (1968, TET Offensive)

2011-08-01 21:49:38
Bob Jaglowski ""
Rochester Hills, MI, At PRAB: Yes
Outfit: 35th USAF Hospital Flight Surgeon's Ofc
& attached to Det. 1, 38 ARRS (9/69-9/70)
Great sight that brought back many great memories.
Flew HH-43 (Pedro)(4/70-9/70)

2011-08-13 19:06:31
Bob Medeiros "" AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 310th TAS (11/71-11/72)
The 310th moved to Tan Son Nhut in 1/72 & I was a C-123K Flight Engineer until
I derosed in 11/72. Retired in 6/81 as a MSgt & those days & great memories
will never leave me. The USAF support troops kept our "Bookie Birds" in the
air. Without those airman doing they jobs, we didn't have a need to be in SEA.

2011-08-19 09:01:23
Richard F. Painter ""
Pittsburgh, PA, At PTAB: Yes, Outfit: 435th. MMS (2/3/70-2/4/71)

2011-08-28 01:32:34
Howard ""
Gold Coast, Australia, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: No.2 Sqn RAAF 4/70-4/71)
Love this site, brings back great memories. How good was the "Bamboo Viper"

2011-08-29 18:35:39
Adrian S Mclaughlin ""
Manning South Carolina, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 615th tactical
fighter squadron - F-100 (56-3630) crew chief (12/67-12/68)

2011-09-09 11:17:09
Guadalupe Saenz "" Weslaco, Texas, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: Civil Engineers Supply (8/70-8/71)
I look at the photos and I remember the details around the base.
It was lifetime experience the 361 days I spent at "Happy Valley" VietNam.

2011-09-13 15:28:40
Donald E Chatterton ""
Tekoa Wa", At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: Tac Dispensary (6/66-6/67)
Your site brought back some memories. Was there for the Hootches
and the New Barracks. Used to work nights, could take a warm
shower as lines were on the ground and had solar heat. Sometimes
lots of solar heat. Still had to take short showers.

2011-09-26 10:40:50
Dan Henry ""
San Antonio, Tx, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: ARRS, Det 1 (3/68-12/68)
Tour cut short due to the death of my dad.

2011-10-01 11:03:03
Bill Goodpaster ""
At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 315th SPS panther flight (7/7171-4/72)
Love the website, brings back lots of memories.

"2011-10-03 16:10:14
Jeff Kaleita Willsboro NY", AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: Base Supply (8/70-8/71) Proud to have served.

"2011-10-06 00:34:41
Mike Jarosz ""
Chinook, MT 59523, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: I came to Phan Rang in 1966
with the 614th TFS and our F-100d's in Sept and left for home in '67.

2011-10-06 23:27:01
Robert (RIP) Reposa ""
Aurora, CO, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: Colorado Air National Guard
assigned to the 35th FMS, Aircraft Electric Shop",(5/68-5/69)

"2011-10-08 18:39:12
Gary Gano ""
Port Angeles Wa", At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: Supply
(Was stationed at the Liquid Oxygen Plant from 68-71).
Have a lot of photos would like to upload just need info
on how to do this. I was lifeguard at the beach from 69-71"

"2011-10-12 19:09:16
Paul Chandonait ""
Fitchburg Ma., At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 315 CAMS Machine Shop (nite shift)","2/69-2/70)
Hope to connect with anyone who might remember me or my welder friend 'Doran Jergenson'.

2011-10-15 03:51:54
Jim Gavin ""
Albuquerque, NM, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th FMS - Parachute Shop & Air Force Beach Lifeguard (9/68-9/69).
Remember the orange and white paint job on all the buildings at the beach? A real poor camo job.

2011-10-19 23:08:41
Mike Loden ""
Baton Rouge, LA, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 615th TFS Weapons
and 435th MMS after reorganization (8/68-8/69).
I was the OIC of the 615th TFS Weapons Section and later
the night shift Weapons Loading Officer with the 435th MMS.

"2011-10-25 15:53:09
Dwight Lewis ""
Canton, Ohio, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th Trans (8/69-8/70)
Remember the Blue cattle car trailer ride to the Beach?
I was with the driver riding shotgun for you!

2011-10-29 19:52:18
Bill Goodpaster ""
Ocala. Fl., AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 315th SPS (71-72)

2011-11-10 15:52:11
Robert B Carlson M/SGT ""
Rapid City, SD, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th Supply Sq (5/71-3/72)
I was the squadron First Sergeant.

2011-11-11 16:45:25
David Gilliam ""
Weirton, WV", At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35 CSG (12/69-12/70)
"Worked at CBPO

2011-11-19 17:47:41
Roy Wheatley ""
Denton, Tx, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 8th TBS (7/66-12/67)
I enjoyed viewing your web site. Lot of memories there. Thanks for keeping it going.

2011-11-19 21:36:09
Ted Aaron "" At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 8TBS - crew chief on B-57 (1966-1967). 2011-12-02 22:16:07
SSgt Jerry V. Schoenfeldt ""
Garden City, Michigan, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 310 ACS - C-123K Loadmaster (4/70-4/71).

2011-12-10 20:07:38
Ralph B. Strickland, Jr. ""
Durham, NC, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 14th FMS
(Early Aug 70 to late Jul 71 (362 days)
This is a beautiful page full of wonderful information.
Agent Orange exposure gave me Type II diabetes and I am
40% disabled at this point. Returned home, graduated law
school and had a successful career and wonderful marriage.
Just retired and looking at the web and there she was Phan
Rang-thanks to you. Thanks for your work and effort.

2011-12-21 23:21:25
Bob Fondersmith ""
Vacaville, Ca., At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: I was with the 366th-1966
then assigned to 35th TFW til I left in 67. I was also loaned to
554 CE, built revetments and barracks plus was an Air Police
Augmentee with security. Reassigned in 1968 to 315 CAMS Airframe
Repair shop (aircraft sheet metal). Also pulled duty as augmentee
in 1966-1967 and again in 1968-1969","I have fond memories of events:
(Thap Chan & Phan Rang City, the Strip, the Beach, shows at the club)
Nary an attack in 66-67 but lots of attacks in 68-69.

2011-12-24 12:42:58
Dan Mitchell ""
Winchester, VA, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 315 CAMS - Recip engine
shop - Worked night shift flightline with Tark (Black 2)(3/70-3/71)

2012-01-14 15:29:56
Vincent Donadio ""
Fullerton Ca, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 14TH FMS (3/12/70-3/12/71)
I worked in the 14TH recip engine shop west side of runway passenger terminal.

2012-02-03 10:47:54
NY, At PRAB: Yes
My car was fixed by a guy called Harvey Insler who remembers John Mack.
Harv was with 311th I believe from 68-69. He recalls a fire on one of
the aircraft that he tried to put out, something to do with defective
bolts and getting drenched in foam and having to explain it to a 2-star
general. He is trying to reach out to people that remember him.

2012-02-13 00:46:28
Greg Schmidt ""
Yorba Linda, CA, AT PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 310 TAS (1/1/71-12/12/71)
Worked the Phase Docks. All things considered the year at PR wasn't too bad.
Have lots of good memories, but can't find anyone on any sites that was at
the Phase Docks the same time as me. I am taking a Princess cruise from
Beijing to Singapore starting on 2/27/12. We are stopping at Nha Trang and
I have arranged a private car tour down to Phan Rang. I will be there 3/8/12.
My wife and I are looking forward to see PR after 40 years since I rotated out.

2012-02-16 01:07:19
Don Brummett ""
Dunnellon, Fl, At PRAB: No
Outfit: 1 Dec 66-17 Jun 67, HHC 3/39th Inf 9th Inf Div
1 Jun 68 to 26 June 69, A,Co 7th Engr Bn 5th Inf Div
I'm Looking for some information on a Cpt Edward Breen who was a pilot station
at Phan Rang AB in 1971. He is my brother-in-laws brother, Jim Breen. My
sister asked me to try to find some info on him. I do know that Cpt Breen was
later killed in the states (AZ). Thanks--Don Brummett - MSG US Army Retired

2012-02-26 10:18:53
Richard Watts ""
Reading PA, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 310th (6/69-6/70)

"2012-03-14 13:23:35
Thomas,Kirkpatrick ""
Shelocta, Pa, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 35th Avionics Maintenence Sqd.
COM/NAV shop. Worked on C119 gunships Stinger, Shadow & Cessna O2Bs.
NCOIC was MSGT E. Boatman, 1971,"COM/NAV shop. Never forgot the dog
mascot "Ajax". I worked on Flightline and on ARC 27s in the shop.

2012-03-15 14:17:30
Gary Packman ""
At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 315 CAMS Recip.Engine Shop (12/67-12/68)

2012-03-16 13:52:08
HOLDEN BEACH, N.C., A PRAB: Yes, 1/1969 - 1/1970

2012-03-29 18:13:35
Thomas R Zurcher ""
Harrisville,Mi, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 311 ACS - APG mech/123K (12/67-12/68)
Have info paper names of my WV and copy of story in star and stripes c123k at Khe Sanh.

2012-03-30 17:56:46
Guy Balistreri ""
Franklin, At PRAB: Yes, Outfit: 460FMS/Prop Shop out of Tan Son Nhut.
In country Oct 67 - Dec 69.","Early February of '69 we evacuated all
our 123s to Phan Rang because of imminent action...If memory serves
me right, Tan Son Nhut didn't get hit but Phan Rang did.