Photos and comments courtesy of:

Sgt. Frank Carpenter

8th TBS (B-57)

Phan Rang AFB, RVN
(10/5/68 - 10/5/69)

8th Tac Bomb Squadron. One of the oldest continuous
squadrons in Air Force history.  (1968)

One of our B-57s on the flight line. This was the plane
that I was the night shift crew chief on. The same
aircraft is also pictured below showing the shot-off tail
stabilizer. Great plane. Took care of everyone.  (1968)

This is my B-57 that Lt Col Burtholder (left) flew back
from a successful bombing mission. With his great
flying skill he was able to fly the battle damaged
aircraft back to PRAB. Quite the pilot.  (1969)

On my way to a special TDY mission to NKP Thailand.
We supported a night mission over Laos with the
B-57's. Had a great time and it was good to be out
of the country for a couple of days.  (1969)

Here is a photo of an Aussie B-57 'A' model parked right
across from our 'B' models. Great bunch of guys.  (1969)

Relaxing by my hooch. Man, I sure look young. Hey,
I "was" young...... 20 years old. Man o Man  (1969)

This sign was seen when leaving the base to
the "Strip", warning all to be careful.  (1968)

Beautiful downtown Phan Rang City. I only went there a
few times. Lots of shops and raw food for sale  (1969)

I took my R&R to Hawaii, where I joined my wife Marge. We
had a great time and I hated to go back to Vietnam.  (1969)

Receiving the Air Force Commendation medal
at Griffiss AFB after Viet Nam  (1969)

This is a photo of me taken during a ship cruise to Monte Carlo
in 2008 I took with my wife of 41 years. If anyone would like
to contact me you can email me at:

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