Photos and comments courtesy of:

Ed Giannotti

Electronics (radio/radar) Technician

315th Consolidated Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)

315th Special Operations Wing

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

A scan of me in our Electronics Shop with the 315 CAMS.  (1970)

Another scan of our Electronics Shop during a break-time.  (1970)

A wider photo showing our Electronics Shop bench area.  (1970)

Shot of the BX (left) and the base dispensary (right).  (1970)

Photo of me (on right) with roommate ('Ski' on bed), and other party buddy,
after a hard night’s work, in our spacious, air conditioned bedroom.  (1970)

Our mascot...who came scratching at our shop door
one night. Don’t remember what we named it.  (1970)

Above four scans were photos taken from our trips into Phan
Rang City. I don’t recall how often we went into town. (1970)

USAF Service History – Ed Giannotti

1968 – When I returned to LaSalle College for my sophomore
year (September), I received a notice that my 2-S deferment
status was eliminated and was classified 1-A, eligible for
draft. I had heard that many similar notices were sent out
after the TET offensive earlier that year. I enlisted in the
USAF later that year and went off to Lackland AFB in February, 1969.

1969 – After basic training, I was sent to Keesler AFB
for 9 months Tech school (lived through Hurricane Camille).
Then was assigned to Westover AFB (SAC), MA in November.
Worked on communications equipment for KC-135 tankers and
B-52’s. Spent a month in “Secret” classified equipment
training school (“Crypto”?) in Lackland AFB during this
tour. I recall much time in a secure, “caged in” area.
Also managed to get engaged to marry my first wife.

1970 – In February, our wing was assigned TDY to U-Tapao
AB in Thailand, where our B-52’s spent 6 months; ran
sorties over numerous SE Asian targets. When we returned
to Westover in July, my orders for Vietnam (Tuy Hoa) were
waiting for me. I was married in October, and left for SE
Asia 1 month later. When I arrived in Cam Ranh Bay, I was
told that Tuy Hoa was deactivated a few weeks earlier, so
I stayed in Cam Ranh Bay for a week until reassigned. Was
very happy to leave CRB as there were many attacks and bombings.

1971 – Assigned to the 315 CAMS in November, working mainly
the C-123 aircraft. I worked on the 6-6-6 shift - 6 pm to 6 am,
6 nights per week. Most of the aircraft would return between
10 pm and 2 am, so most of our work was completed by 1-2 am.


A few memories of the year:

Weekly bombings, usually on Sundays around the BX/Post Office areas.

Monthly, random diversionary attacks at night with
counterattacks by our AC-119 gunships and armed helicopters.
It was always a great show to watch at night.

Watching one of our C-123’s crashing at the end of a
flight line, after some acrobatic passes around the base

Midnight breakfast runs to the cafeteria.

Trying to sleep during the day with the smell of fish, rice,
and other delicacies filling the air and noisy mama sans'.

Waiting in line to attempt a call home from the MARS station.

Weekly “parties” on our night off, with my roommate and buddies.

“Grunts” periodically coming in from the jungle to PRAB for some R&R.


1971-1973 - Upon return stateside, I was assigned to
MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL. After one year, I left active
duty and joined the New Jersey ANG in Pomona, NJ, for 2 years.

2014 - I am currently 66 years and still working, operating sleep
disorder centers for a health system in Nashville, TN; been with
St. Thomas Health for 10 years. My wife and I have lived in Franklin,
TN for almost 30 years; our children are Christopher and Gregory,
and I had the other 3 by a previous marriage. All except my daughter
live nearby us. I have 6 grandchildren by the 3 oldest children.

Below are a few scans of my adult children along with a scan of my wife and I.

Relatively recent photo of me with my three children
from first wife – Steve, Melissa, Dan (L to R).

Photo with 3 of my sons...right before teeing off
at the 'Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament' on August
11, 2014. From left to right are: Gregory (24),
Stephen (37), me, and Christopher (27).

My daughter Melissa (35). Melissa is in the USAF (16 years),
and she will be on her way to Germany in October (2014).

This last photo is a recent one of my wife (Barbara)
and me. Married 29 years this month. (8/2014)

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