Photos and comments courtesy of:
A1C Dave Marks

35th Air Police Sq.
Panther Flight
35th Combat Support Group
Phan Rang AFB, RVN

Early '66 at Phan Rang AB. Tents set up.

No ice for the nasty TAB diet drinks or Past
Blue Ribbon beer but the hard stuff worked.

Always good to be early so you didn't
have to wash in nasty water.

A priority to get those bunkers built.

Practice at the range.

Flight time with the 82nd airborne.
They could always use a door gunner.

Ready to go on duty.

PRAB from Nui Dat hill.   (1966)

50Cal OP on top of Nui Dat.

Phan Rang Beach.

Looking toward the South China Sea from gun ship.

Some time off in town, Phan Rang.

Black market stand in Phan Rang.    Kids were
always happy to have their picture taken.  (1966)

Great French Bread. Just had to remove the little
black bugs or have a few beers before eating.

Cameron Bay AFB and Bay.    (1967)

Above pic of myself taken in
Ha Long Bay, North Vietnam (2016).

My Current Bio

I arrived at Phan Rang AB in June of 1966. We flew up from Saigon
in a C-47 and landed on a corrugated metal runway. We set up tents
and beds and slept with an M-16 at our side. I got out of the
service in August of 1968. I then got married and we lived in
Florida. We retired to North Carolina and now just winter in Fla.
Our passion has always been travel and we have seen much of the
world. Got back to Vietnam last winter. Had a wonderful trip.

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