Dave revisiting the Po Klong Garai temple (31 August 2001).

The temple wall has been added since
Dave's last visit in December 1990.

The temple has received a relatively full renovation
which had been started before 1990.

This information 'stele' actually is also relatively new. The government
is doing their best to restore all of Vietnam's cultural treasures.

It now cost around USD$.30 to go see the tower up close. It's not
an insignificant cost for many Vietnamese nationals, though.

A shrine inside the temple appears to be honoring the ancient Cham
king. In 1990, it was nothing but bat guano and worse inside.

Your hootch maid's grandkids visiting the temple.
Yes, it WAS that long ago.

Here is a photo of Christina and myself
visiting Vietnam in Oct of 1993.

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