....then (1971-72):

Dave at PRAB.

....and NOW (2001):
Dave Landis' fourth return to Vietnam (31 August 2001)
in the company of Nguyen Cao Khai and his friends/family.

PRAB panorama from Po Klong Garai temple.
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Hill on the beach road near gate to Ninh Chu.

Entrance to Ninh Chu Beach. This
was the old American beach.

The beach at Ninh Chu.

Tourist Hotel at Ninh Chu. It sits where
Phan Rang's augmentee barracks used to be.

Entrance to Ngoc Ninh pagoda area where the orphanage was
in 1971. In 1978 it became a home for disabled VC, but
a few years ago, it reverted to a state run orphanage.
Photography is no longer allowed in the orphanage area.

Dave presenting the nuns of Ngoc Ninh pagoda with an offering.
The pagoda is next to the old orphanage in Phan Rang city.

Dave with some of the nuns at Ngoc Ninh. The nun in the orange
robes arrived at Ngoc Ninh in 1971, same year Dave arrived at PRAB.

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