Here are series of scans Chuck took of an F100 crash
landing at Phan Rang AB during the spring of 1971.

F-100's nose-gear-up landing by pilot Lt/Col
Everett R. Patterson (35th TFW).        (1971)

Approach chute deployed to slow aircraft down, nose starts
to settle to the runway, and hope for no sparks.       (1971)

Aircraft now completely stopped on runway. Notice the
distance between the fuel tank tips and the runway. (1971)

Fire suppressant crews, from the base,
insure no fuel fires after touchdown. (1971)

Lt/Col Everett R. Patterson (pilot)
discussing the nose-gear-up landing
with the 35th TFW Vice Commander.

Maintenance crews performing in-depth safety
inspections on wheel locks, ejection seats, batteries,
ordinances, etc., prior to recovery operations. (1971)

Recovery crane has aircraft ready for transport back
to field maintenance squadron repair shops. Notice
the minimum damage to bottom of nose cone. (1971)

Recovery by Big Bertha well underway as the pilot walks
away from aircraft. The pilots always say: "Any landing
you can walk-away-from is a good landing".        (1971)

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