LtCol Chuck Bailey
Phan Rang AFB
35th AMS Commander 9/70-2/71
35th TFW Chief of Maintenance 2/71-7/71
315 CAMS Chief of Maintenance 7/71-9/71

The outstanding combat record achieved by
the 35th TFW in its five years at Phan Rang AB, RVN,
was greatly reflected by the efforts of the Airmen,
NCOs, and Officers, assigned to the 35th
Avionics Maintenance Squadron. (1966-1971)

Phan Rang AB looking East from the base towards the Yellow Sea.
The base is now completed, with permanent housing, swimming pool,
athletic fields, BX, movie theater, hospital, and chow halls.
Note the green grass on base to keep the dust down. (1970)

Base Operations supports all aircraft flight activities from
PRAB. Is the home of the C-47 Road Runner Airlines, used to
support personnel R & R flights to Saigon, Clark, Hong Kong,
Singapore, and Bangkok. Road Runner brought back tons of
stereos, Seiko watches, and jewelry for the troops on base.

Road Runner Airlines ready to haul anything
and everything inside and outside of Vietnam.
Navigators were required anytime the C-47 flew
Feet Wet (Over Water). That was how I got my
flight time in the C-47 Gooney Bird.

Me at my officer's hooch. My roommate was Lt/Col Scotty Billington,
aircraft commander flying UC-123s across the field. In 1970 we
shared a single bathroom, and had maid service.

Entrance to the 35 AMS Squadron. Most of the troops
walked or took the bus to work but a few of us were
lucky enough to have our personal transportation.

AMS Technicians ([seated] Edward L. Downey & [standing]
Dave Jennings) working on F-100 communication equipment
in support of the four F-100 squadrons: the 612th,
613, 614, and 615th Tactical Fighter Squadrons.

These AMS barracks were quarters for airmen assigned to the squadron
with M/SGT Stephens as the First SGT. Sandbags protected us from
the 122mm enemy rocket attacks that were quite numerous.

This photo shows me (yellow shirt) and our AMS troops, at
our squadron patio area, having one of our monthly BBQs.
Photo was taken by A1C Ray Ingersoll.

Damage to buildings from an incoming 122 rocket attack.
Luckily in this case, no one was injured......just a
few bumped heads getting into the bunkers.

Security Police guarding the backgate to PRAB. This
road leads to the coast and beach where the JP4
Aviation Fuel was off loaded and piped into the base.

We enjoyed swimming in the warm waters of the yellow
sea while watching the fuel ships unload JP4 for the
base and hoping to see an occasional nurse or two.

With a guy to gal ratio of 2500 to 1 at PRAB the base nurses
enjoyed a lot of company. Note the dogs in heat!!  <g>


some 30 years later, with a few more
grey hairs, but I am still proud of
the accomplishments the 35th AMS
achieved from 1966 to 1971.

Very sad news to report that we've lost a good friend
'Chuck Bailey' to COPD at age 78. He passed away at
Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria, California
September 30, 2012. He will be deeply missed.
More tribute information on Chuck and a few other PRAB vets listed
at the Tribute site located in lower part of the index page of this site.

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