A1C Bruce Quinlan
Comm/Nav shop
Instrument Repairman

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Outside my 315 CAMS, Com/Nav Instrument
shop, looking down shop row.            (1968)

AGE tractor towing portable light stands out to
C-123 mechanics out in revetment area.  (1968)

Me in Com/Nav Red Ball express.  (1968)

Here I am in the Instrument Shop
soldering a wire harness.  (1968)

Enjoying a Papst Blue Ribbon at PRABs
Airman's Club during Christmas.  (1968)

For my 20th birthday my dad sent me a pint of
Imperial in a loaf of bread.        (Jan 30, 1969)

A Instrument Repairman from my shop (forgot name).  (1969)

I don't recall this vets name either. But do recall we use to play
quite a few Pinnacle games together during our tour.      (1969)

Tom Farrell enjoying a Papst in the barracks.  (1969)

The "Strip" (tea bars, beer, whisky, & GIRLS). I recall
it had closed sometime later during my tour.      (1969)

The day we left Vietnam this guy (forgot name) went
home early because he broke his arm.           (1969)

The day a group of us were finally
on our way home.    (Aug 8, 1969)

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