Photos and comments courtesy of:

A1C Bruce Quinlan

Comm/Nav shop
Instrument Repairman

315th Consolidated Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)

315th Special Operations Wing

Phan Rang AFB, RVN

Joyce Miller (My 2nd Mom) and I at Erie, PA, airport. Photo
taken just before my commercial flight to Vietnam.  (1968)

Base HQ - Phan Rang AB  (1968)

Austrailian, U.S., Korean, RVN, flags in front of HQ building.  (1968)

Pan shot I took from small hill by the old RMK quonset huts.
The quonsets were my first home at PRAB with the 315 CAMS.
Scroll to right to view more of the pan >>>>  (1968)

Street behind Base BX.  (1968)

Photo from the front of base BX.  (1968)

We all remember well our PO boxes at PRAB. Mine is this empty one.  (1968)

Street running through our CAMS quonset huts.  (1968)

Q-9 - my first home for only two weeks.  (1968)

Inside bunker next to Q-9.  (1968)

Sandbag Saloon  (1968)

Mamasons from Q-9.  (1968)

Another popular Mamason from Q-9.  (1968)

My second barracks on the hill through August of 69.  (1969)

Pot luck dinner at new barracks. After all these years
been having trouble recalling all names from back then.
Left to Right: ??, Wilson, ??, Joe[Jose]Pena.  (1969)

Here is a photo of Tom Farrell. Tom and Mike Vogel both
worked in the 315 CAMS hydraulic shop at PRAB. Both Mike
and I have been trying to get back in contact with Tom
for quite a while. Soooo Tom....if you are out there,
how about getting back in contact with us.  (1969)
Note: We finally got back in contact with Tom in May of 2012.

Me listening to music in someone else's cube.  (1969)

Three airmen who loved to lift weights outside our barracks.
Lt to Rt: Bill Long, Edmund Filipiak, Tom Farrell.  (1969)

Bunker hill - Me at 19 with no chest hair.
Korean compound in the background.  (1969)

From bunker hill - 315 CAMS barracks in left background.
Between the two airmen were the hangers I helped build for the F-100s.
Don't remember the names of the two airmen.  (1969)

Me and bunker on hill.  (1969)

Bunker and chapel and some of the base.  (1969)

SP tower on perimeter road on the way to work.  (1969)

North gate  (1969)

One of our HH-43 (Pedro) rescue choppers from the 38th ARRS.  (1969)

Outside my CAMS Comm shop. All out CAMS buildings
had signs like this telling of what shops were inside. (1969)

Me at our CAMS Comm workshop.  (1969)

Another photo of me in our shop.  (1969)

Dave Cannon at dispatch board.
No PC computers to use back then. (1969)

Comm shop personnel - Lt to Rt ??, ??,TSgt Barnes, ??, Joe Pena.  (1969)

This was my world on the C-123s back then.  Being an
Instrument Repairman I sent quite a lot of time replacing
gages and other electronic instruments in the cockpit. (1969)

A familiar shot of our C-123K aircraft parked
in the revetments out on the tarmac.  (1969)

Another similar shot. Note in background the large Australian
hanger along with the base officers club on small hill.   (1969)

Our C-123s leaving on their long sortie missions
while maintenance personnel look on.    (1969)

Our outdoor latrine facility near AGE area.  (1969)

NC/AC-123K (Black Spot) - I did somehow get inside to see a
bombay in the middle of plane.  Don't remember how I was
able to get inside. Couldn't take picture of inside.      (1969)

C-123K parked in wash rack.  (1969)

AGE ground equipment with C-123 phase inspection docks in
background. This photo was taken in late 1968 because shortly
into 1969 a revetment wall was built around the phase docks. (1968)

Photo I took while I was flying sorties with aircrew members
from PRAB. I think this photo was taken at Tan Son Nhut AB.
Scroll to right to view more of the pan >>>> (1969)

I tried to visit Phan Rang city as often as I could. Here is a
photo of a familiar downtown area of the city back then.  (1969)

Close-up of a C-123K Pratt and Whitney R2800 radial reciprocating
engine (right) and a J85-GE-17 auxiliary turbojet engine (left).
The J85 jets gave the "K' model an added 2,850 lbst.  (1969)

My Current Bio

My time spent in Vietnam was special as were the guys who
I served with. Time has erased some of the names, but not some
of the great memories. This past year I have tried to re-introduce
myself with my past and Mike Vogel's web site has done just that.
After leaving the Air Force I started a family of two sons and a
daughter and worked in the health care industry for American
Sterilizer Company, later known as Steris for 34 years. In 2007
Steris moved their operations to Mexico forcing me to retire at
58 years old. I keep busy doing my hobbies, woodworking, golf,
and riding my motorcycles. A 1977 KZ1000LTD and my 2005 Harley
Davidson lowrider. I do home maintenance as a way to subsidize
my retirement. Keeps me as busy as I want to be. I would like
to find Joe [Jose] Pena, and Tom Farrell.

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