Very sad news to report that we've lost a good friend
'Ray Ingersoll' to complications from Agent Orange (1/19/19).
He will be deeply missed.

A photo of Ray Ingersoll & Roy Corley, taken during their tour at PRAB (7/7/71).
Ray and Roy both worked in the 35th AMS shop at PRAB .

"In the recent 15+ years I've known Ray we had not had the chance to
meet but I had the privilege to work with him when he participated
on putting his PRAB webpages together at this site. He also told us
of some of his better memories he had during his tour at PRAB when
he also participated at our "PRAB memories" pages, at our site. If you
get a chance check his story out. He will be deeply missed by all who knew
him with his kind and friendly spirit. Rest in Peace my friend!---Mike Vogel

Ray and I were part of the forward support group that was sent from Phan
Rang to Anderson AFB, Guam to service the F100s on their way back to the
states after the wing stood down. We were 'cubicle mates' at the transient
barracks for the three weeks we were there, but didn't return to the states
together since we were all left to our own accord to find our way back stateside.

I was able to make contact with him again several years ago when I found his
story and photos on this website. We kept a steady email/phone call dialog
over the years, but, unfortunately, were never able to meet up face-to-face.
When he wasn't able to fly out here to Arizona, I stood up for him at the
American Legion in Tombstone in 2012 and accepted his citation and 'Legion
of the Silver Rose' award for being exposed to Agent Orange while in Vietnam.

Carol kept me up to date on his health issues following his heart attack in
January of 2018. His deteriorating condition prevented him from using his
phone and it wasn't until September that I finally received a text message from
him; I was able to talk to him once in November while he was still hospitalized.

I'm going to miss him dearly, but we'll see one another again....Roy Corley

I lost a good friend in Ray Ingersoll. He and I served together at Phan Rang,
Vietnam in 1970 / 1971. After Vietnam we lost touch with each other. As fate
would have it, through social media,, we found.each other and kept in touch
until his passing. My condolences to Rays family. Rest in Peace, Ray...John J. Zela

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