Very sad news to report that we've lost a good friend 'George Sloan'
from a heart attack (3/1/10).   The scan above I took of George in his
area in our Q-9 quonset hut, during our tour at Phan Rang AFB (68-69).
The photo shows a more serious side of himself he would show at times.  

George's tour at PRAB was 5/68-5/69.   I arrived at PRAB 8/68.   Most of us
young Airman in our hydraulic shop were right out of tech school when we
first arrived at PRAB (Our first duty station).   We appreciated the help
and information George would provide to us on the C-123k we worked on.
George was a Buck Sergeant (3 striper at the time) and liked us calling
him "Sarge".   Before his tour at PRAB he was stationed at Eglan AFB, Fort
Walton Beach, Florida.   There too he worked on the C-123 so I feel he
probably had the most hydraulic experience on the aircraft in our shop.
I would enjoy going out on jobs with him to learn more of his experiences
on the aircraft.   I feel other Airmen and young NCOs in the shop also
appreciated George's knowledge on the C-123.   He helped us learn our
responsibilities on the aircraft more quickly and took pride in his work.

This photo was taken by Mike Maloney showing George posing with
helmet and flak vest, just outside our hydraulic shop at PRAB.   (1968)

The above two scans I took of George during our tour. George
had stopped into my quonset area to remind me he was "short"
(4 days left at PRAB).   You can see in the photos how happy he
was to finally end his year long tour at PRAB.     (May 1969)

I was able to get back in contact with George about five years
back (2005).   We did quite a lot of phone calling, back and forth,
during that time.   George lived in Long Island, NY.   He also has
a daughter and a son (who lives in Ohio).   He will be missed.

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