Very sad news to report that we've lost a good friend 'Bob Vette'
to congestive heart failure (10-29-09). The left scan above was
taken of Bob at PRAB in 1970. The scan to the right was taken
just a few years back in 2005.   He will be deeply missed.

Bob was admitted to Westvalley Hospital in Goodyear, AZ on October
12, 2009. He had a condition described as congestive heart failure.
Further testing indicated he also needed a double by-pass as well
as a valve replacement. He went in for surgery on October 16. The
heart surgery was long and afterwords it seemed to had gone well.
However he suffered a stroke sometime after the surgery or perhaps
during the procedure. He never really woke up after the surgery.
After a week and a half they went back to surgery to place a feeding
tube into his stomach, through the abdominal wall. He went into
shock a few hours later and died on Thursday October 29 at 6:32 PM.

Bob is survived by his wife Houng Thi 'Kim' Vette, his two sisters
Doris and Ruth as well as numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

Bob is well respected and remembered by his former
associates at The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA.

Bob and I had first contacted each other when he had first signed my PRAB
guest book site at this web site in 2002. Bob and I both worked at the same
hydraulic shop, with the 315 CAMS. Only my tour at PRAB was just before
his. Still it was interesting for us to compare and talk about any changes our
hydraulic shop might have had during our different tours. Bob participated
in the 'PRAB Memories' project I have at this web site. Check it out if you
have not yet seen Bob's writing there. He was pretty proud to have met and
married his Vietnamese sweetheart (Kim) during his tour at PRAB in 1970.
He will be deeply missed.   "Rest in Peace My Friend"---Mike Vogel

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