Tom Farrell and Mike Vogel's first reunion
since PRAB in 1969 (43 years ago (2012)).

Sad news to report that Tom Farrell had lost his life Oct. 9, 2021
after developing a very bad infection after his leg surgery.


The above scans are of Tom Farrell and myself outside our hydraulic shop
at PRAB. Note the AGE equipment and C-123 Phase Docks in background.
I can tell the photos were taken in late summer of '68 because the revetment
wall, around the "Phase Docks" (in background), was not yet built.    (1968)

The above scan is of Tom Farrell and our first shop chief
(Dick Porreca) at our 315 CAMS hydraulic shop at PRAB.   (1968)

Here is a shot of a group of us in our shop area at PRAB.
Clockwise is Tom Farrell (sitting on table); Tom Shank (standing);
Ed Hobbs (sitting right); Tom Messex (sitting left).  (1968)

Above scan has same personal as previous only Tom Farrell is
now taking the pic and I'm now in the photo (right/front). (1968)

Tom and I at our shop dispatch board.  (1969)

Now, moving ahead 43 years later.....

Tom found our PRAB website while scanning
the Internet (5/12) and then emailed me.
Later we made plans to meet at our local
Minneapolis VA Medical Center (shown below).

Not to leave out a current pic of our PRAB shop chief....
Above is a current pic of Dick Porreca at 83, and still doing great.  (2019)

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