The 315th Wing at Phan Rang AFB

315 Air Commando Wing on 1 Aug 1967;
315 Special Operations Wing on 1 Aug 1968;
315 Tactical Airlift Wing on 1 Jan 1970.

Patch scan courtesy of Rich Markel
315 CAMS - Comm. Shop (Jan69-Feb70)


Shield courtesy of Ray Merritt, C123K pilot
309th Air Commando Squadron (9/67-3/68)

Shield was sent to me by: Mark Wainscott
Aircraft MaintenanceTechnician
309th ACS (12/67-12/68)

...and an Asian patch copy of the shield above.
I think I like the original better, you think?

310th's Long History

Constituted 310th Troop Carrier Squadron on 25 May 1943.
Activated on 1 Oct 1943. Inactivated on 31 Jul 1945.
Redesignated 310th Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium, on
10 May 1949. Activated in the Reserve on 27 Jun 1949.
Ordered to active service on 1 May 1951. Inactivated on
1 Feb 1953. Redesignated 310th Troop Carrier Squadron,
Assault, Rotary Wing, on 16 Nov 1954. Activated on 8 Feb
1955. Inactivated on 7 Sep 1956. Redesignated 310th Troop
Carrier Squadron, Assault, and activated, on 24 May 1963.
Organized on 8 Jul 1963. Redesignated: 310th Air Commando
Squadron, Troop Carrier, on 8 Mar 1965; 310th Air Commando
Squadron, Tactical Airlift, on 1 Aug 1967; 310th Special
Operations Squadron on 1 Aug 1968; 310th Tactical Airlift
Squadron on 1 Jan 1970. Inactivated on 15 Nov 1972.
Redesignated 310th Military Airlift Squadron, and activated,
on 1 Dec 1984. Redesignated 310th Airlift Squadron on 1 Jun 1992.

Shield courtesy of Jim Nehrer, C123K pilot
310th Air Commando Squadron (6/68-6/69)

Patch of the 310th Air Commando Squadron

Shield courtesy of Bill Robichaux, C123K pilot
310th Special Operations Squadron (1/69-12/69)

Shield courtesy of Ron Hawk, C123K flight mechanic
310th Tactical Airlift Squadron (71-72)

The 310th Military Airlift Squadron flew C-130s
for the 61st Military Airlift Group out of
Howard AFB, Panama, from 1984 through 1992.

Current shield of the 310th Airlift Squadron.
The above shield and history from the USAF history site.

Patch courtesy of Wayne Connors
311th Special Operations Squadron (68-69)

Shield courtesy of Skip Tannery
19th ACS-Tan Son Nhut and PRAB (67-68)

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