The scans below were taken at our local 'Minnesota
Vietnam Veterans Memorial' on Memorial Day 2011.

The Memorial Day service was to focus on all service
personnel who had died during and after all wars.
Each year the service will fly the coffin flag (half
mast) of a veteran who had passed on. At this
service Willard J. DuFresne Jr.'s family and friends
spoke of Willard's life and his heroic sacrifice.

Was nice to see the St Paul police patroling the
area on horseback although there was no problems.

Three war memorials (WWII, Korea, Vietnam) are located
in St Paul on the grounds in front of the state capitol.

A Vietnamese patriot leaving flowers at MVVM wall.

Visitors stopped at the wall to give their respect to our
fallen Soldiers and Airmen before the services began.

A friend of mine (Thomas Kingston) at the wall.

Before the services young children were given
flowers they placed at the base of the wall.

Local Vietnamese color guard.

Local US color guard.

Here is a panorama photo showing quite a
lot of the visitors turnout to the service.
Pan to right to see more of the scan --->

Local US honor guard.

After the service quite a few visitors
would give a final stop at the wall.

After the service we traveled over to our local VA
Cemetery to visit my brothers and other vet's markers.

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