Aerial shot shows where the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam
Memorials, are located in front of the state capital.
Note: Blocked area is the zoomed-in area below

Zoomed in area, from above
scan, shows the memorials.

The MVVM is located in St. Paul Minnesota,
in a park by the state capitol.

MVVM with header and example
of veteran names zoomed out.

This shows less than half of the memorial but gives another
view of the header text and a portion of the men's names.

Reflection of the State Capitol.
Veterans Day (1998)

Tried to capture 180 degree pan of the MVVM using
eight photos stitched together. Note: the statue of a
home, on right, reflecting on memorial wall, on left.
Memorial Day (1999)

Close-up of reflection of 'home statue', on wall.
Memorial Day (1999)

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